Solar Eclipse Goggles - Black with Spikes

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  • COMPLETELY COVERS YOUR EYES! These premium adjustable elastic band goggles are the only Solar Eclipse Viewers that eliminate ambient light and provide a COMPLETELY DARK solar viewing environment ensuring maximum pleasure and enjoyment. This is the hands down the best eclipse viewing experience available on the market.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY CERTIFIED SAFE SOLAR LENSES! Independently tested CE Certified Green Athermal Shade 14 Glass Welding Lenses Eliminates 100% of harmful UV and IR light. Meets the transmittance requirements for ISO 12312-2:2015. Solar viewing materials and has optical density 5 or greater.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Adjustable head strap and nose piece allow you to get the perfect fit. Great for kids, adults people with large heads or small and even those with rad hair dues! Goggles sit nicely on your forhead while not viewing Giving your arms a rest so that you can spend your time focusing on what matters most: enjoying this Spectacular Once in a Lifetime experience with your loved ones.

  • GREAT FOR PARTIES AND COSTUMES: Additional Clear 50mm lens included allowing glasses to be reusable for costumes parties and more! You will find ways to make use of these goggles for the rest of your life and without a doubt you are going to have the coolest Solar Eclipse Photography photos to post on social media.

  • 20 YEAR ECLIPSE WARRANTY: We believe in providing the highest quality and trustworthy products. We guarantee that you will be able to use these for the next Total Solar Eclipse in 2044 and if these goggles break before then you can rest assured knowing that you will get a replacement!